Interview Preparation


Are You Ready?

Even the smoothest interviews are nerve-wracking. After all, you’re competing against unknown candidates for a job at a company where you may not know anyone. And these Hiring Managers, Recruiters, and other employees are all waiting to evaluate you on everything from your appearance to your cultural fit for the job. Your job, then, before you get the job, is to convince everyone that you are the best candidate. You have to show that you know how to solve their unique problems and remove whatever pain they may be experiencing. How can you do this?




Each and every interview requires its own strategy because no two companies or jobs are the same, even if there are similarities and overlaps in a job’s function. You must, at a minimum, know the following:

  • Which industry will I be entering? What do I know about it?

  • What are some common issues and problems that I might encounter in my role?

  • What do I know about the company where I’ll be interviewing? Have I visited their website and researched them on Google? How are they performing in the market?

  • Has the company been in the news recently? Is the news positive or negative?

  • Have I analyzed the job description to show how I am an ideal fit?

  • What behavioral interview questions have I reviewed?

  • Do I have success stories prepared according to the STAR format?

  • Have I contacted employees at the company for informational interviews?

  • What’s my salary range for the position? What do people in similar positions make?

  • Have I practiced my stories until I know them well, but don’t sound rehearsed?

These are only some of the considerations in preparing for an interview. After all, you’ll only have one shot to impress and advance through each round. Why leave anything to chance when you can hire a coach to prepare you?